Yoga before Labor

ROCKET READER Yoga before Labor Preparing your body for labor can facilitate the process, build confidence, and make for an easier, more satisfying delivery. Yoga is one way you can prepare your body and mind for the big event. Following

Shape Shifter Yoga

ROCKET READER How science-based yoga will give you back the energy, pain-free movement and carefree playfulness of your youth — in as little as 28 days! A decade ago, if you told me I’d be using yoga in my training

Getting Ripped With P90x Yoga

ROCKET READER Yoga was mainly used to improve physical, mental and spiritual condition of the body. Coming from the Sanskrit word yuj which means to unite, it aims to unify the individuals consciousness with that of the universe. Its movements

Getting Started With P90X

ROCKET READER The P90X is a breakout revolutionary workout program containing 12 sweat-inducing, muscle-pumping workouts designed to transform your body from a regular guy into a ripped one in just 90 days. Your personal trainer (and the developer of the

3 Ways Yoga Can Benefit The Businessperson

ROCKET READER 3 Ways Yoga Can Benefit The Businessperson The lot of a modern businessman is a stressful one and there is always so much to do. It would take a pretty compelling set of reasons to convince a successful