What Is Video Conferencing

ROCKET READER What Is Video Conferencing When you call for a conference, everyone is expected to arrive at a designed time and place to discuss an issue and resolve it. But if the people you need to speak with are

Video Teleconferencing, the Basics

ROCKET READER Video Teleconferencing, the Basics Is there a difference between video conferencing and video teleconferencing? The answer is no because it is the same thing. The system enables two parties or more to communicate with each other and see

The Use of Video Conferencing

ROCKET READER The Use of Video Conferencing A videoconference is a kind interaction through devices, which allow two or more people in different places to remotely communicate simultaneously. It is also called video meeting or audio-video remote meeting. It’s different

Video Editing Adobe Premiere

ROCKET READER Video Editing – Adobe Premiere Adobe Premiere is one of the pioneers in video editing software. Many pros are using it to capture and edit video. Through the software program, you can also deliver the edited videos online,

Video Editing

ROCKET READER Video Editing Have you watched the movies of Steven Spielberg? The movies are captivating, right? Well, you don’t need to have a big name to share or create movies of your own. With a little knowledge in video

The Magic in Video Editing

ROCKET READER The Magic in Video Editing Do you have a lot of video tapes at home taken during the holidays, birthday parties, summer getaways, and many other special occasions? Perhaps some of them are merely sitting on the shelves