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ROCKET READER There are many great things about the holidays, and for me, one of the best is the Christmas music that my mom would get out, dust off, and play during the weeks leading up to the 25th of

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ROCKET READER Memory is closely tied to songs. For many people, some of the most powerful and inspirational feelings come from warm memory of the holiday season. Christmas music is a valuable part of this well-loved time of year. The

Traditional Music and Folk Dances in Dubai

ROCKET READER Traditional Music and Folk Dances in Dubai The traditional music and folk dances in Dubai are a reflection of the rich heritage of the entire United Arab Emirates (UAE). The celebration of the various cultural events and festivals

Musical Themed Paintings

ROCKET READER Musical themed paintings can be fun to find and fun to buy. I have a musician friend that recently purchased a new home. She bought new furnishings and asked me to find a new painting for her. I