First Vet Visits

ROCKET READER First Vet Visits You will want to take your new puppy to the vet as soon as possible. He can often find things you might have missed. Ask friends and family who they recommend. Visit the office before

Travel and Holidays with Your Puppy

ROCKET READER Travel and Holidays with Your Puppy Taking your best friend with you everywhere you go is always a treat. But if you are flying halfway across the country, is it worth taking the pup with you? Can you

The Dreaded Bath

ROCKET READER The Dreaded Bath Giving a dog a bath can be fun or it can be a terror. Puppies either love or hate the water. There is no middle ground. When giving a puppy a bath, consider two things.

Where Should Kitty Sleep?

ROCKET READER Where Should Kitty Sleep? Finding somewhere for your new kitten to sleep is a basic requirement when you first bring kitty home. It also needs to be something you give a lot of thought to before you go

The Cat is Not a Chew Toy

ROCKET READER The Cat is Not a Chew Toy Puppies will chew on anything in sight. Plants, electric cords, furniture, and you brand new $100 shoes. They are bored and trying to entertain themselves or teething. You must let the

Small Kids and Kittens

ROCKET READER Small Kids and Kittens The smaller your child, the more interested he will be in the new kitty. It will be his baby, his companion, his toy ….only the kitten isn’t a toy and that’s something that you

Socialization of Your Puppy

ROCKET READER Socialization of Your Puppy You will want to be able to take your puppy for walks and for rides. You need to get him used to meeting people and other animals. There are many ways to acclimate him

Pedigree or Moggy

ROCKET READER Pedigree or Moggy – which Kitty’s for you? Having made the decision to add a kitten to your family, you then need to think about what kind of kitty would be best. There are so many to choose