This holiday season you can easily make your gifts stand out from the pile by picking simple prints and embellishing the package or by making your own Christmas wrapping paper. Each is fairly easy and inexpensive, but makes a huge impression before the recipient even opens the gift.

To embellish gifts, you want to choose a simple print on the Christmas wrapping paper such as simple snowflakes, plaids or stars. Sometimes the wrapping paper can go overboard and you don’t want your added embellishments to clash or compete with the paper pattern. You then run the risk of the box looking cheesy rather than fantastic! The Christmas wrapping paper may look boring at the store when you purchase it, but adding ornaments, jingle bells, candy canes and bows will make that simple Christmas wrapping paper look like something that was wrapped by a professional.

You can even personalize the actual paper by making your own Christmas wrapping paper. It is very simple and inexpensive, you just have to delegate the time during the busy season! To make sure it is completed, you can always start a few months beforehand and just store the paper until it is needed. To make your own paper, you will need a roll of packing or mailing paper. It is that brown or white kraft paper that you see in craft stores and often in super stores around the mail supply aisles. This paper generally costs less than three dollars per roll and you get quite a bit, especially compared to your usual Christmas wrapping paper that you purchase.

All you need in addition to this paper is a supply of paint or stamping materials. The easiest type of paper to make is with child’s handprints in holiday colors, which is just perfect for those gifts for the grandparents. Other ideas are to cut out simple shape stamps from unused sponges including Christmas trees, stars or snowflakes. All you need to do it dip your sponge stamps into paint and then place on the paper. This is an ideal family craft to do with your young ones and everyone that receives your gifts will appreciate the effort! If you are a stamper, ink and purchased stamps are also an ideal way to make your own paper. You can get quite creative while making your own Christmas wrapping paper and you will most likely save money while impressing your gift recipients!

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