We here hope to answer all your questions concerning the our articles online web site.

How is your site different to other article directories?

It is different in that:

– we only have articles that actually teach you something as opposed to people sharing their views through articles,
– the articles can easily be read on your smart phone, ipod touch, ipad, and so on…
– our articles contain around 500 words and so won’t take long to read,
– each category contains around 25 articles to give you a good broad understanding of each category.

Do you have terms and conditions for the use of your web site?

The terms and conditions for the use of this site is laid out in this FAQ page. Please read them carefully as by using this site, you implicitly state that you agree with them and that you will abide by them.

Can I use your articles on my site, or in an ebook, or…?

You are not allowed to reproduce my articles, in whole or in part, anywhere or in any form. We retain the copyright for all articles published on our site .

How can I have the article read to me?

At the top of each article, you will find a ‘bar’ similar to the one below. Click on the blue circle and the article will be read to you. Simple!