How Did An Ex-Teacher Get $22,000 In One Month Installing Christmas lights?

It didnt quite seem possible… or at least probable. $3,000… $5,000… even $10,000… sure, no problem. Thats easy enough. Newbie service business owners are doing those kinds of numbers every month. But $22,000? Surely it must be a mistake.

Tim told me he had distributed 100 flyers around his neighborhood, immediately gave 24 estimates, and landed 16 as clients… with a few more calls trickling in later. Laughing he said:

I couldnt have handled the extra jobs if I wanted to… 4 a week was about all I could handle by myself, not to mention 22k is pretty good money.

I agree, that is a very impressive first month’s income. And the fact that Tim is an ex-teacher who is new to the Christmas lighting industry is even more impressive. Thats not even the best part of this story.

Believe it or not, Tim now has crews that do all the work for him while he is free to relax or find new clients.

The fact is: Over the last 8 years Ive started, operated and sold a number of different businesses in wide variety of industries –Window Cleaning, Christmas Light Installation, Landscaping, Niche Eateries, Consulting, and a Retail Store…

And in that time Ive not found a quicker or easier way for someone with a limited budget and basic skills to start generating cash almost immediately and build a 6 figure business in record time.

…and my retention rate is upwards of 80%. Almost all my customers scheduled again the next year.

You set your own hours and are in complete control of your life.

You provide a service with exceptionally high profit margins.

You can run this business from your home no office needed.

You are your own boss and dont take orders from anybody.

Of course there is hard work involved. Anybody telling you otherwise is just selling the dream — and unfortunately thats all it is.

But heres the kicker: In the Christmas light installation business you dont do any work until the money is sitting in your bank account… thatll keep you motivated =)

Nearly every other business model requires you to trudge through days, weeks, and sometimes months of work before theres even a chance of you making any money.

The Christmas lighting business is different… You only lift a finger AFTER youve been paid.

You can start your Christmas light installation business on a shoe string budget — as little as $2500 and youre in business (even less if you already own your own equipment).

The smallest installation jobs youll ever do, will net you around $300 — Jobs like this will typically take you an hour or two to complete.

In fact, the average price for a standard residential Christmas light installation is roughly $1400 of which a large chunk of that is profit.

Christmas light installation is a high demand, luxury service and you therefore can…

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